City of Sodaville, Oregon

April 20, 2017 7:00 PM

A Goals Workshop in conjunction

with Council and the Citizen Planning

Committee will be held at 6:00 pm

before the Council Meeting

The City of Sodaville Budget Committee is looking for new members. The committment is for 2 meetings, 1 at the end of May, and one at the beginning of June 2017 to be scheduled at the convenience of the committee members. The Committee will recommend a 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Budget to the City Council. If you are interested, please call or email City Hall.

During the last storm trees fell in the Soda Springs Community Center Park. The City is offering free firewood to whoever is willing to cut up and take the fallen trees. If you are interested call Public Works Director Stan Smith at 541-401-8537

Placing the tile flooring on the Multi Use Sport Court

On Saturday March 4, citizens placed the tile for the Multi Use Sport Court.

The hoops, and volleyball/tennis net are now up and in use!!  It is exciting to see how many are already using the Court! The fencing will be next.

A Dedication Ceremony  will be held when the court is completed! The day and time will be posted. Thanks to everyone for a great team effort!!

Mayor Suzie Hibbert - Oath of Office January 19, 2017
Councilor Brian Lewis - Oath of Office January 19, 2017
Councilor Jeff Hensley - Oath of Office January 19, 2017

Badges from the late

1800's, early 1900's

stolen from City Hall
Original Spring House Circa 1911